18th January 2016

Strategy and Planning

Policy and Strategy are pivotal to the success of any venture. Policy may be a vision, a set of goals or a philosophy that underpins the organisation or team. Strategy is the bridge between that higher level intent and the coal face. It combines that intent with the reality of the situation and the resources available to create a pathway to success.

Strategic and Operational Planning is about the day-to-day, weekly, monthly and yearly activity that follows the path of the organisation’s strategy. It is about anticipation, analysis and problem solving. It is about preparing for the unexpected and dealing with uncertainty through establishing routines, common practices and a culture of purposeful meetings and exchanges. It also recognises the vital importance of sharing information, only those who know the plan can support it.

At 28Quest we practice what we preach; bringing organisation and forward planning in place of chaos to businesses, organisations and sports teams. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience at the strategic, operational and tactical level, much of it gained at the very highest levels within government, that we are able to draw on to support our clients. We offer consulting, training and facilitation workshops for strategy development and operational planning. We can coach and mentor those key individuals and teams involved in this demanding and crucial area.

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