18th January 2016

Performance Improvement

Improving performance in any context begins with measurement and the creation of an effective process for learning from experience and implementing lessons. There is an old adage that anything that can be measured can be managed, and that applies equally to improvement; if you can measure it, you can improve it. Once an improvement process has been created and implemented it can be iterated, allowing the improvement to become continuous and a new culture created.

Practical performance improvement is based on the principles of effective, detailed planning, measurement of all identifiable metrics, a thorough review process once a task or project is complete, and timely implementation of the lessons learned during the reviews. In short, the application of the Kolb cycle or standard project management principles. Team building and improved leadership also have key roles to play in improving performance and should be incorporated into the process as it is created.

At 28Quest we have experienced consultants who understand performance and the principles of continuous improvement and are able to work with clients to develop a system that will work for them. They can facilitate early implementation, coach and mentor the client’s team and help identify effective ways of enhancing team work and leadership across all those involved.

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