18th January 2016

Motivational Events

Our motivational speakers are available as after dinner speakers, to enhance a conference or to provide half and full day workshops. This includes time to reflect on the challenges we all face and how capable we all are when we draw on our inner resources. Your requirement will be unique based on timing, distance, underlying themes and key messages to be delivered and so we will build a package around you.

Our staff have challenged themselves in some of the toughest environments on earth and led teams in the most difficult of circumstances. They have learned plenty about themselves and the human possibilities along the way and are passionate about sharing their experiences.

Whether it is a short after dinner speech, appearances as an inspirational guest, or full motivational seminars, we are ready to support any organisation that recognises that the only real limits to our success are those we put on ourselves. Motivational Workshops are an effective way of helping teams and individuals realise just how much they are capable of.

Listening to the experiences of others and having time and space to reflect on the relevance to their own situation can have a profound impact on motivation and self-esteem. While tales of leading teams in the extreme environment of the Arctic Circle in winter or racing across the Sahara Desert, may seem unconnected to the daily activity of an office, the importance of setting effective goals and an individual’s ability to achieve anything they really set their mind to, have obvious applications in all walks of life.

At 28Quest we have those experiences and are happy to share them and work with others on the lessons we have learned and how to apply them in any individual situation. At the most basic level, this may take the form of an after dinner speech or can be evolved into a full day’s workshop. Participants at these events are able to recognise their own achievements, how to build on personal experiences, and those of others, to remain motivated and effective through life’s challenges.

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