18th January 2016

Leadership Development

Leadership is about inspiring and influencing others to willingly get things done. It is about character, personality and personal qualities. It may be visionary, commanding, pace-setting, democratic, or people and development focused. At its very best it is all of this and its impact can transform an organisation. At 28Quest we understand leadership, we recognise its significance and we are devoted to developing excellent leadership in all walks of life.

Management is about ability. It is about having the right people in the right place at the right time. It is about skills and resources and making sure that everything is put in place to allow things to be done. It can be taught, it can be developed and it is key to success. The 28Quest team understand the importance of good management as the foundation on which excellent performance is built.

28Quest offer our full range of services to develop leadership and management. This includes; consulting with senior management and HR teams, and coaching and mentoring individuals or teams to maximise performance. We provide bespoke development packages for all levels within an organisation, as well as running facilitation and motivational workshops as part of on-going programmes.

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