18th January 2016

Coaching & Mentoring

Performance, Leadership and Executive Coaching is aimed at lasting solutions achieved through client ownership and responsibility for development. It is about asking, not telling, it can be supportive and challenging and it is not an easy ride. At 28Quest, we coach individuals and teams at every level and have a proven track record for implementing a coaching culture in some of the UK’s most challenging organisations. The highly qualified team has vast experience of delivering coaching with outstanding results and developing an in-house capability through training and education.

As any first-class coach will admit; each coaching intervention begins with an agreed exit strategy, a belief that 28Quest holds very firmly. Our coaching packages are designed as tailored interventions that leave the client better prepared to face the challenges ahead and confident in success.

Always happy to build and maintain long-term relationships to support on-going development, we believe that coaching should be focused on delivering quantifiable results, tested and assessed for success and the improvements incorporated into on-going business, before additional coaching is discussed. Our coaches work to a code of ethics and conduct equal to any in the business and are committed to achieving the aims of the client.

At 28Quest we believe that the most important aspect of successful coaching is the relationship between the coach and the client. We recommend a meeting between coach and prospective clients to ensure that an effective working relationship can be established (often referred to as a chemistry session). Once effective rapport has been established the coaching process can begin.

We offer packages of between 4 and 12 coaching sessions scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly and with clearly defined development goals. Limiting the number of clients our coaches work with, at any one time, helps ensure a more focused and professional service. Careful session programming can maximise the coach’s impact in the most cost effective manner.

Mentoring relationships focus on long term support and growth and are structured accordingly. We recommend face-to-face meetings initially before continuing the relationship using the most appropriate form of communication available (phone, email or instant messenger).

28Quest has a breadth and depth of experience in a range of disciplines gained in some of the harshest environments and circumstances imaginable. Our mentors will help clients learn from our successes, and our struggles, by identifying with differing needs, applying best practice and implementing previous lessons to support the drive for success.

Experts in leadership and management, 28Quest mentors also cover a wide range of fields, including engineering, logistics, operations and entrepreneurship. Alternatively we have a wide network of professional contacts and we are confident we can find the right mentor for you.

Mentoring is probably the most cost effective way of achieving one-to-one, dedicated support for your personnel, especially as much of it can be done using modern communication methods. The longer the agreed term, the more cost effective this option becomes.

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