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5 Great Leadership Reads

During our leadership development programmes, students are always interested in what books we recommend for them to deepen their understanding. Knowledge is power and it is important to keep learning as much as possible as we go through life, and is especially relevant when we are in a leadership role. If we take time to Read more about 5 Great Leadership Reads[…]

Respect is Vital for Successful Leadership

Respect rɪˈspɛkt/ noun: due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. e.g. “young people’s lack of respect for their parents” synonyms: due regard, consideration, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, politeness, courtesy, civility, deference; “he speaks to the old lady with respect”. Search for a definition of “respect” online and one of the options returned is “due regard for the Read more about Respect is Vital for Successful Leadership[…]

Are you the next Monarch Airlines?

This month has seen the dramatic collapse of the UK’s 5th biggest airline, Monarch, leaving over 100,000 passengers stranded abroad and around 800,000 without the flights they have booked for the future. An expensive rescue operation is underway and it is too soon to say what will happen about all those future travel plans. The Read more about Are you the next Monarch Airlines?[…]

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Where is the leadership in Trump vs Federal Judges?

Each week something new and unusual comes out of the USA that leaves many of us scratching our heads in bemusement.  Comedians are complaining that their joke writing can’t keep up with the rapidly changing headlines and stories and across the globe families are caught in a should we/shouldn’t we? dilemma about heading to the Read more about Where is the leadership in Trump vs Federal Judges?[…]

One of the habits of highly effective people

I first read Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” about 10 years ago and while it all made complete sense, the chapter I was most impressed with was the one on “Sharpening the Saw”, where Covey talks about the need to preserve and enhance ourselves as the most vital ingredient for our Read more about One of the habits of highly effective people[…]

Coaching for Business Success – It’s Official

An article on the FT website highlighted the shift towards coaching and mentoring as a way of developing individuals, teams and wider organisations and reinforced my beliefs in coaching as an incredibly powerful tool. The article refers mostly to Executive Coaching and cites all of the major players in the coaching sector. It states that Read more about Coaching for Business Success – It’s Official[…]

What is Leadership and Why Does It Matter?

So what is leadership and why is it so frightening to boardroom executives (and many others to be fair)? What is the difference between those closely linked areas of leadership and management and can one succeed without the other? I received an email recently that commented on the number of CEOs and senior managers that Read more about What is Leadership and Why Does It Matter?[…]

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