18th January 2016


We were a new team coming together to form a new department with big responsibilities in the community. The team knew what had to be done day to day, but the “team” needed that special thing to bring them together and to be stronger as one. We soon identified the need for external assistance, and called upon the skills and resource of 28Quest. Colin has worked with the Council before on various training courses and we knew that the skills he & Sonia have would enable our team to form their own identity, work more closely focusing on the teams needs and building on the great ideas they already had but wanted to develop further.

We embarked on transforming the team, with everyone focused on the future and in a culture of positive behaviours,  the team committed to the plan. Six months later after team reviews, the team are more positive, and hungry to continue working as one team focused on delivering a great service to the community in Exeter. I am proud of their achievements and grateful that 28Quest were able to help us develop into the team I see today. Thank you Colin & Sonia.

Operations Manager, Exeter City Council


“I worked with Colin from October 2013 until December 2015 in an ultra-deepwater dynamically positioned semi-submersible in West Africa. During that time, he worked as a high performance coach and knowledge engineer supporting a rig wide continuous improvement initiative.  His key responsibility was to analyse all rig performance issues and instill a culture of planning, excellence in action and detailed performance reviews and he was very effective at facilitating formal advanced planning meetings and after action reviews related to rig drilling and completion operations.

When not actively driving the formal improvement processes, Colin could be found coaching and mentoring the various supervisors onboard in effective leadership, management skills and tracking and reporting on rig performance.  Certainly, the professional and business-like execution of his duties contributed greatly to the success of the drilling and completions programs conducted by the rig, which rose to become the outstanding vessel of the region’s fleet during that time period.”

OIM, Seadrill


“Embedded in a diverse team, Colin Nicklas was very effective in demonstrating how good performance coaching improves operational efficiency, while also greatly increasing the safety of the job site.  With a clear focus on thoroughly planning all tasks, executing the task according to the plan and then discussing and documenting what went right and what can be improved on after completion, this fully inclusive model of performance coaching has been key to successful operations.

I was able to witness firsthand on a high tech oil exploration rig how incorporating performance coaching into the work place can improve the overall safety of the operation. It also proved you do not need to compromise safety for efficiency. We were able to save millions of dollars by improving the effectiveness of operations while at the same time improving our safety record and exceeding two years without an HSE incident that resulted in a lost time incident.”

HSE Advisor, Independent Oil Operator, West Africa


“Passionate about the impact that great leadership has on collective performance, 28Quest developed and delivered a pioneering leadership and soft-skills program open to all personnel working within the diverse team under my command.  The program was completed during off-shift periods and attendance at the sessions was surprisingly high given the voluntary nature of the training, and the focus on content that is not yet mandatory or fully recognised for career progression.

The combination of interesting content and engaging delivery meant that more than 50 employees from across the full spectrum of personnel attended modules within the program, with most completing the course in its entirety!”

Chris Connor, Master Mariner


“I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in leadership training designed and delivered by 28Quest. The 10 module course was very informative, easy to follow and flexible enough to work within our busy operational schedule.   With great use of video aids, group exercises and discussions we were able to help each other identify what makes an effective leader in a fun and relaxed manner, and even identify a way of effectively managing the boss and improving arguably the most important of all working relationships.

As a supervisor myself I am always looking to improve the way I lead and was not disappointed; I learned about my preferred leadership style and how to incorporate the new knowledge into everyday tasks.  Overall I found the Leadership Training a positive tool to help me become a more effective leader and I am happy to recommend this personal improvement training.”

David Bannister, Independent Health, Safety and Environment Consultant,  British Columbia, Canada


“Colin Nicklas presented 300 Sixth form students with an inspiring and motivating talk following his successful Marathon des Sables in 2010.

Throughout the hour the students were impressed not simply by the feat itself, or by the description of a training regime, logistics and organisation but more by the obvious sense of ‘reward’ to be gained through perseverance and endeavour. Also the lifelong satisfaction of searching for and realising new challenges, the satisfaction of daring to test the boundaries of our own comfort zones and personal limits were gained.

Our KS5 students are upstanding role models for boys in the lower years, in the spirited words of the Headmaster of Stowe School in the 1920, we want them to be: “acceptable at a dance and invaluable in a shipwreck”. This presentation contributed to such, in the determined and motivated characters we said farewell to in our leavers this summer!”

Sharon Davidson, Assistant Head- post 16, Devonport High School for Boys


“The King’s Fund worked with Colin Nicklas during a Top Managers’ Programme (TMP) visit to South West England. The aim of the visit was to introduce the participants to a style of leadership different from that which they commonly experience within the NHS. This aim was met but not in the manner expected.
The engaging and thought-provoking presentation that Colin delivered, and the subsequent discussion, served to highlight that the Royal Navy’s holistic and people centred approach to leadership is culturally ahead of many public sector organisations and showed that the NHS has plenty to learn from the Navy and its leadership experts.

Colin’s self-evident passion, considerable experience and detailed knowledge of leadership and personal development give him a natural authority and I commend him to anyone serious about developing coaching and leadership within their organisation; Colin is much more than your military stereotype.”

Nicholas Bradbury, PhD, MA (Oxon), MA (Birmingham), Senior Fellow, Leadership. The King’s Fund.


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