18th January 2016

About Us

28Quest Ltd was formed in 2012 to provide Performance Improvement, Leadership Development Coaching to the offshore oil industry. In 2013 the client base expanded to include the NHS, Local Government and the Education Sector. By 2015, alongside our individual coaching and direct interventions to support growth and continuous improvement, we were engaging with corporate clients at a strategic level and providing voluntary mentoring support to a global charity.

It is common for individuals, teams, businesses and organisations to settle for what they have. They settle for the career they chose years before or the job they fell in to. They settle for the life style they believe is probably what they deserve. They settle for not competing with the superstars, for surviving rather than growing and for remembering their place compared to the corporate giants.

28Quest is founded on the belief that there is always unlocked potential in everyone, every team and every business. It is about aiming high, shooting for the stars and the relentless pursuit of perfection that lies just around the corner, or just out of reach. After all, if we shoot for the stars and fall short we can still find ourselves in a different world. If we stand still, we are going backwards, merely surviving. If we grow, then we thrive and can achieve so much more than we ever thought possible.

At 28Quest we believe in the power of direct interventions to support growth and continuous improvement through consulting, mentoring and interim management roles.

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