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Coaching and mentoring

Coaching is aimed at lasting solutions achieved through client ownership and responsibility for development. Mentoring relationships focus on long term support and growth and are structured accordingly. At 28Quest, we coach individuals and teams at every level.

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Leadership Development

Leadership is about inspiring and influencing others to willingly get things done. It is about character, personality and personal qualities. At 28Quest we understand leadership, we recognise its significance and we are devoted to developing excellent leadership in all walks of life.

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i3 Personality Profiling

i3, which stands for Individual Instinctive Indicators is a personality profiling tool that supports the growth and development of individuals and teams. It helps identify strengths and productive environments and at 28Quest we use it extensively in support of our clients.

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Motivational Workshops

Motivational Workshops are an effective way of helping teams and individuals realise just how much they are capable of. At 28Quest we have those experiences and are happy to share them and work with others on the lessons we have learned and how to apply them in any individual situation.

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About us

28Quest is an independent leadership, coaching and performance improvement consultancy. We work with individuals, teams, businesses and organisations across the public, private and charity sectors to help them achieve their potential. Our approach is based on the steadfast belief that great leadership is the solution for all business or organisational issues. 28Quest is founded on the belief that there is always unlocked potential in everyone, every team and every business. It is about aiming high, shooting for the stars and the relentless pursuit of perfection that lies just around the corner, or just out of reach. After all, if we shoot for the stars and fall short we can still find ourselves in a different world. If we stand still, we are going backwards, merely surviving. If we grow, then we thrive and can achieve so much more than we ever thought possible.

  • Improving performance in any context begins with measurement and the creation of an effective process for learning from experience and implementing lessons.

  • Strategic and Operational Planning is about the day-to-day, weekly, monthly and yearly activity that follows the path of the organisation’s strategy.

  • Effective consulting uses observation, experience and evidence based analysis and reporting to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Highly successful organisations use facilitation to access the expertise and experience that exists at all levels and encourage participation by all stakeholders.


Meet the people that make it all possible


Managing Director
Colin Nicklas is a founding director of 28Quest, a leadership consultant and an experienced coach.


Strategic Consultant
Dr David Reindorp is an experienced strategist, leader and strategic consultant.

Richard Jordan

Leadership Consultant
Richard Jordan is a seasoned leader and Chartered Manager with the ability to influence change and achieve results.

Sonia Nicklas

Office Manager
Sonia is the other founding director of 28Quest and has 30 years’ experience of the legal sector and successful office management.


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"The bridge to success begins with the quest for perfection. Aim for the stars and who knows where you will land."

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